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We are delighted to have you staying with us at the natural beauty of Bali. We brought up to embrace the Balinese Hindu philosophy ‘TRI HITA KARANA’ into our day-to-day operational, which is the happiness comes from good relation with God, other people, and environment. Because of this belief, we think of you are not so much as a guest, but as a family member. With professional local talents, we have a commitment to provide the best service and experience with primarily aimed in order you will consider stay in your own home. We will do the best to fulfill your desire, thus please advise us if we could do further to make your stay a most memorable one.

The Personal Touch

Your Butler will personally look after you during your stay, thus please consider them as a friend and adviser. They will be available at 24 hours to help you in any way. They can prepare a private dinner, cultural talking, arrange sightseeing program and any other thing as your requested. Make your stay comfortable and memorable stay. Should you require any assistance, please speak to your Butler, or dial from your phone, or meet them around the property and they will glad to assist.

Gunung Merta Bungalows is Home

Our guest service directory is created to give you general information. However we will be more than happy if we could have a chance to meet, show around talk for any assistance. The household staffs are at your disposal 24 hours a day. Simply ask and we will do our best to serve you.
Gunung Merta Bungalows is the charming Balinese home in Ubud, fully of warmth with nature smile of house member.


Historically, the Balinese village of Ubud can trace its roots to as far back as the 8th century. It is documented on ancient palm leaf scripts that a revered holy man from India by the name of Rsi Markandeya embarked on a spiritual journey across Java and eventually came to the island of Bali to spread the teachings of Hinduism.

It was on his travels that he received a divine revelation that in Bali he was to bury five precious metals on a mountain slope where the mother temple of Besakih now stands today. Along with a group of followers, Rsi Markandeya was magnetically attracted to a destination located in the central foothills of the island that radiated light and energy. This place was Campuhan in Ubud at a junction in the Wos River and it was here that he felt compelled to build a temple by the name of Pura Gunung Lebah. On subsequent expeditions around Bali, Rsi Markandeya built a number of other significant temples and created a shared irrigation system for the terraced landscape that is still practiced by farmers today. The formation of the ‘banjar’, which is a village council responsible for community and religious affairs, was also inspired by this holy man. In essence, it can be said that Rsi Markandeya is responsible for the foundation of Balinese Hinduism in it purest form referred to as Agama Tirta or the religion of holy water. Since being discovered backing the 8th century, the area of Campuhan has always been highly regarded by the Balinese for its immense spiritual powers.



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Superior Double

From $190/ night
  • Bed:
    Double bed
  • Capacity:
    2 adults
  • Room size:
  • View:
    Sea view
  • Facilities:
    Iron, TV, Hair dryer